Rangers Forward Buchnevich Discusses Being Sent To The “Quinn Bin” And More With Sport-Express

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In an interview with Russian newspaper Sport-Express, Rangers forward Pavel Buchnevich discussed his season so far, playing under David Quinn, and more.

Buch was first asked about his broken thumb, an injury he suffered against the Columbus Blue Jackets on November 10. Buchnevich says that he is still about a week away from getting on the ice with a stick in his hands, and that “my hand still hurts when I make a fist.” When asked about the timing of the injury, Buchnevich added “We have not been degraded. But I began to play much more, to gain points. I always had moments. But our team was losing, we were shuffling the line-up, and hence my problems. I fell under the hand at some point.”

On being sent to the press box by head coach David Quinn, Buchnevich had the following to say: “There is no hostility towards me, he wants me to play correctly.” The young forward added that Quinn is correct in demanding more from Buchnevich and that the talented winger can’t be the only one not getting back on defense.

In a follow-up question, Buchnevich was asked if he agreed with Quinn sending the 23-year-old to the press box earlier in the season. “For some points – yes. They showed me a video and I understood that I was not acting in the best way. A couple of times I did not hit an opponent, a couple of moments created due to the fact that I did not go into contact. The coach says, I try to perform. Sometimes I fail, but it is impossible to conduct 82 games on the same level. It is important to make sure that on average you hold matches at the same level, without falling below a certain line. I am doing my best.”

The reporter conducting the interview asked Buchnevich about his possibly returning to the KHL, to which Buchnevich immediately shot down the question: “My priority goal is the Rangers, the NHL.” Buchnevich did say that even to joke about it would lead to questions that he wouldn’t have an answer for, so he quickly moved on to the next topic.

Asked about the rumors of Artemi Panarin possibly coming to the Rangers at some point, Buchnevich was adamant that he would be welcomed in the Rangers locker room: “He has no place in the dressing room [right now], but for such a player we will quickly find a locker. I just heard that Rangers is one of the options for him, but, it seems, some news will appear only in summer. I think that our club would not have refused such a hockey player.”

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