Rangers GM Jeff Gorton Speaks With Media Ahead Of Draft


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On Thursday night, Rangers general manager Jeff Gorton spoke with the media as the Rangers front office gets set for the most important draft in recent Rangers history.

When asked about the importance of this year’s draft, Gorton said: “it’s very important, 3 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 thirds. We have a lot of opportunities to make our team better for the future, build pieces that we need. It’s a vital time for us.”

Having the three picks in the first-round at his disposal is something that makes Gorton a hot commodity on the draft floor.

When discussing the status of the organization’s rebuild, Gorton said “all you have to do is look at the last few months and the trade deadline and some of the things we have done. I think it’s pretty obvious we are trying to accumulate young players and assets and trying to get better and give these players opportunity.”

On the depth of this year’s draft class, Gorton said that this is definitely a deep draft, adding that the second and third rounds shouldn’t be overlooked. “Our pick at 9, we are really comfortable with what is there, and then later in the first round, we think there will be good players there. In the second and third round, there is opportunity for us to find players.”

On heading into next season with a young team, Gorton stated that he understands the team can’t just be made up of kids but added that “We’re not looking for a bunch of older players right now where we’re at. [But] we have to have the necessary people on our team that can help some of these guys learn the game and help us do everything we can to try and win every night. I think that’s pretty clear where we’re at.”

Finally, Gorton was asked about which restricted free-agents received qualifying offers and said: “the only player that didn’t get one was Tambellini.” This means that Tambellini will be a free-agent come July 1.

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