Rangers Need To Get Over It, We Don’t!

Dwight King's uncalled interference goal.

Dwight King’s uncalled interference goal.

The Rangers are down but not out as the Stanley Cup Final shifts to Madison Square Garden. It’s tie for the Rangers to hold serve and win both these home games to make it a series.

Alain Vigneault said it right yesterday, “It’s the biggest game NY has had in 20 years.” The head coach couldn’t be more on point when he added, “We know the challenge and we need their help to get back in it tomorrow.”

So the Blueshirts have to move on and focus on winning game 3, but “WE THE FAITHFUL” don’t. We need to moan and groan at every L.A. infraction, no matter how small. Every time a Kings’ player goes within 6 inches of Lundqvist you need to scream and yell. Let these referees know that we won’t take their incompetence any longer. Be so damn loud they are afraid to make calls against the Rangers, and call every little thing on the Kings.


Many experts agree that it could have been called goalie interference, but most claim that’s not why the Rangers lost. What I find amusing is how some of these journalists can make that call. Most of them have never gotten remotely close to that level of competition. If Henrik Lundqvist and the rest of the team tells you it had a huge impact on the outcome, you listen.


The L.A. Kings needed to get an early goal to get the comeback going against one of the best teams in the league to hold a lead. They got just that less than 2 minutes in thanks to a blown non call. What makes matters worst is that ref Dan O’Halloran told Lundqvist that the contact happened after the puck went in. You’ve seen the video…it’s nonsense. How does an NHL referee make that judgment just 15′ away? It’s inexplicable.

Now the Kings are buzzing and don’t have to open it up as much. If it was still 4-2 with about 10 minutes left, the Kings would’ve had to be more aggressive and take chances. NY’s counterstrike ability may have sealed the deal.

The officials were still not done making mistakes. The Rangers should have been awarded a power play a shift after the Dwight King goal, when Derrick Brassard was hooked in the corner in the Kings’ zone. A PP there might have either stymied the momentum or allowed the Rangers to regain a two goal lead.

Still, the refs had one more dagger left in their pocket to stick the Blueshirts with. In double OT, the puck was clearly shot over the glass and the linesman without hesitation said it hit the glass. The only thing that hit the glass was his hands making the wrong call. Sure as the day is long, the Kings came right down and scored to win the game.


The great website Scouting the Refs had some fun facts about the officials from game 2:

  • The Kings’ have an eight-game winning streak when Wes McCauley referees.  Their last loss under McCauley was in the 2013 Western Conference final – a 2-1 loss to Chicago.
  • The Kings have won 10 straight games at home with McCauley refereeing.  Their last home loss under McCauley was to the Stars in December of 2011.
  • Dan O’Halloran calls more penalties (+12.9%) against road teams than any other Cup Final ref
  • They called just 2 third-period penalties in the Conference Finals — both on the road team.
  • Both O’Halloran and McCauley have awarded more power plays to the Rangers than their opponents. The Kings have received fewer power plays than their opponents under these officials.

Except for the last bullet point, it seems pretty skewed in the Kings favor. Oh well, digest that amongst yourselves.

BOTTOM LINE: I want to hear you! New York wants to hear you! If you are fortunate enough to go to either of these games at the Garden, you have a responsibility to be the extra man on the ice. Let your voice be heard and let those refs have it!

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