Rangers Observations: What I learned from breakup day 2016

Lundqvist (NYR)

Lundqvist (NYR)

Today the Rangers cleared out their lockers and Dan Boyle aired out his dirt laundry too. Here’s some takeaways from all the news from NYR Break Up Day.

Dan Finally “Boyle”s Over

[su_quote cite=”via Puck Daddy” url=”https://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/dan-boyle-profanely-chases-larry-brooks-out-of-interview-153922269.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw”]Before speaking to the media scrum, Boyle said he wanted Brooks to leave the interview area, offering a personal criticism of his work as well.

“I don’t want him here,” said Boyle.

“What?” Brooks said. “You know, the feeling’s mutual, man.”

“Nobody likes you. Nobody respects you. Just so you know,” said Boyle.

“OK,” said Brooks.

“At least I’m leaving here with the respect of my teammates,” said Boyle. “Instead of [expletive] someone like you, who tries to bury somebody. That’s all you do. It’s not a critique. I’m telling you I don’t want you here. I have no respect for you. I want you to get the [expletive] out.”

“I don’t care what you think,” said Brooks.

“I can tell you to get the [expletive] out if I want to!” said Boyle, his voice now raised.

“You can, but I don’t have to listen to you,” said Brooks.

“Yeah, ya do!” said Boyle. “I want him out. And that other [expletive] clown, Brett, or whatever the [expletive] his name is. Where’s he at? Everyone else is fine. I want him out. It’s my right.”

Rangers staff stepped in to calm the scene down, and suggested Boyle not speak to the media at that time.

“Can they not all stay here? I have tons of respect for some of these guys. I just don’t want him here. That should be fine,” said Boyle.

At this point, Brooks hadn’t left yet.

“Can you just [expletive] leave?!” Boyle asked again, loudly.

“If you had asked me politely, I might have,” said Brooks.

Boyle: “POLITELY? Why would I be polite with you? Are you kidding me?”

Brooks then told Boyle to “grow up,” Boyle laughed that off and Brooks walked off to another interview.[/su_quote]

Eric Staal Took a Veiled Shot at Vigneault?

I was surprised that Eric didn’t reveal a shoulder injury that it looked like he was favoring after a hit late in the regular season. He didn’t rule out coming back but he didn’t rule out going elsewhere. However, he did dwell at length about his role here in NY and that seems like a criticism of how AV utilized him.

I don’t think Eric Staal will return.

Girardi Played Game 1 with Lingering Effects of a Concussion

We all knew it and it was obvious when he went into a fog on what he thought was an offside that resulted in a goal at the end of the first period in game 1. He also believes he can get back to 100% and looks determined to do that next season….for the Rangers.

50/50 he’s here next year.

P.S. Ryan McDonagh confirmed he broke his finger and played in pain.

Rangers On Potential Changes

There is a lot to digest here, but it should start with Keith Yandle who also admitted he was excited to see what the UFA market brings. To me that signals he likely will be priced away from the Rangers.

I expect Ulf Samuelsson to be interviewed for some head coaching jobs and opening the door for Jeff Beukeboom to possibly join the staff. Oh, and it doesn’t look like AV is going anywhere…for now.

As for Hank’s comments, I think he doesn’t want them to blow up the team because he wants another Cup shot. Reality is that this group can’t get it done and the cap dictates some serious moves need to be made just to have a real chance anyway.

Let’s face it, aside from the “excitement” over the Boyle and Brooks exchange, did we really learn anything? No, the real information will come as we near the draft and we see the real direction the Rangers take.

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