Rangers Observations: Lindberg and Buchnevich surgeries, Lucic a perfect Ranger

Buchnevich (NYR)

Buchnevich (NYR)

As is the case with this time in the offseason, news is always slow unless you are playing for the Cup. Here’s a few updates, tidbits and thoughts.

Lindberg Wasn’t Scratched Due to Hips

Per the NYDN:The Daily News has confirmed, though, that Lindberg’s injury had no bearing on his frequent scratches. His injury was simply a wear-and-tear ailment — a bilateral hip labral repair — that needed to be addressed at some point.

My take…I’m not buying it entirely. Have you ever had to work through pain? Have you ever tweaked a muscle and found it uncomfortable all day? I mean even if you work a desk job? Sure, it may not be a huge factor in the decision to scratch Lindberg, but likely caused him some issues at times during the season.

Hey! If it didn’t…he wouldn’t have gotten surgery. Common sense…apply some.

Pavel Buchnevich Surgery Update:

I’ve seem some info fly by on twitter that the surgery was to repair a bursa sac and the recovery is expected to only be 2-4 weeks. I’m digging for more, but if so…good news.

Milan Lucic is a jerk, but he would help the Rangers

Listen, I wasn’t a fan of Sean Avery either, but you can’t deny when he was on his game the Rangers were hard to beat. In that regard I think Lucic is 10x better a player and only half the jackass Avery was.

GM, Dean Lombardi via LAKInsider:

“I think he’s a great kid, and there’s no question he’s a good fit, and probably that’s all I can say right now … There’s still some work to be done here, is probably the way I’d leave it at this point, so I wouldn’t worry about anything. I don’t see anything quickly here on the horizon right now, given some of the things we’ve got to work through.”

The issue? The Kings have almost 64M tied up on 18 players. That means anywhere from 6-9M to fill out the rest of their roster which would be 5 players to get to 23. That doesn’t mean a lot of money for Lucic who is 27 and coming off a 3 year 18M contract.

If he were to hit the UFA market he will be looking for 6M at the minimum. Could the Rangers afford that? Not with Rick Nash in the lineup or possibly the current defenseman on the roster due to their lofty contracts. However, if they could swing a deal for Lucic he would be a natural fit with skilled forwards Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello.

Can you imagine the space he would create for those two? Not to mention the protection.

Just a thought. Share yours in the comments section.

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