Rangers prospect Adam Edström is back from his suspension and spoke to us about it

Six weeks ago the SHL season started but for 19 year-old Adam Edström it didn’t go as expected. That’s because he hit Jarno Kärki high and hard like a freight train early in the first period. That sent the 6’6″ 212 lbs monster forward to the showers for the game.

After the game, the league suspended Edström for around 5 games. They deemed the hit too high speed, and leading with his left arm which had a high risk of injury. We caught up with Adam to talk about the hit and if the suspension will impact his game going forward.

Adam Edstrom (SHL)

Adam Edstrom made the best out of the situation

It felt a bit tough to have that kind of start to the season,” Edstrom it admitted. He still too a positive out of the situation. “At the same time it gave me a lot of time to work and improve areas of my game that I feel will take my game to a new level.”

His coaching staff put together a schedule for Edström, who was still allowed to participate in team practice. The extra sessions both on the ice and in the gym helped him stay in shape as he had to watch games from the team lounge.

Working with the Rangers long distance

His short-term goal is clear, he wants to earn a bigger role on the team. Last year, a young Edström surprised a lot of people by sticking in the SHL. This year, he feels more comfortable and is used to how the league works. Especially what to expect on the ice.

A big part of his development relies on his communication with the Rangers organization. As mentioned in previous interviews, they stay in touch with their prospects and provide them with tips and focal points.

The same is true for Edström. “I stay in touch with the Rangers and they keep giving me tips about parts of my game they feel like I can improve on. I am still young so I’m just trying to improve everything at the same time as I’m trying to gain muscle and some extra kilos that I can use to my advantage during games.”

Adam Edstrom is focused

He says it feels good to be back. Due to some scheduling changes, he was able to rejoin the team sooner than expected. The suspensions in Sweden are handed out for a specific number of days, not games. In Edström’s case the suspension kept him out of the line up until October 8th, missing 4 games in total. The first 3 games his minutes were limited, suiting up as the 13th forward. However, in Saturday’s battle against Skellefteå he led all forwards in TOI with 16:45.

It’s a good sign moving forward, in a week where they take on championship contenders Luleå, with Nils Lundkvist, twice. Both teams are tied for 2nd place with 22 points. While he may not be the most well-known Swedish prospect the Rangers have, Edan (as he teammates call him) has shown the maturity and resilience fans will love. The way he reacted to the suspension paired with his willingness to compete and fight his way back into the line up, is a big positive.

We want to have a good season where we hopefully can get a play-off run and just see where it goes from there. I’m hoping to grow as a player and improve everyday thanks to the coaching staff and all the resources around the team. I’m really excited to see what we can achieve as a team this year.”

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