Rangers Roundup: Alexandar Georgiev on his way back to NY, COVID-19 rules, and more

As we discussed on the latest podcast, Alexandar Georgiev was having issues getting a new work visa. Newsday’s Colin Stephenson and I discussed the recent COVID-19 shutdowns in Finland as the main reason.

Alexandar Georgiev on his way back to NY

Colin followed up on the story and today we are learning that Georgiev has secured a new visa and will be on his way back to New York this week.

Georgiev will play the back up role to Igor Shesterkin this season. The 24 year-old has proven to be capable with a .910 SV% in his brief NHL career of 77 games. Playing the role of Henrik Lundqvist’s primary backup since 2017-18, he has earned 35 wins on a rebuilding team.

alexandar georgiev
Alexandar Georgiev (Getty Images)

How positive COVID-19 cases will be handled

One outstanding question she had was if a player comes down with COVID-19, how will it be handled? Per Larry Brooks, he states that player will be deemed a non-roster player but remains on the cap.

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