Rangers Roundup: Complete updated NHL Return to Play schedule, and Tony DeAngelo destroys hockey analytics

As more members of the New York Rangers come back to participate in Phase 3 training camps, the NHL is aggressively working with the NHLPA on a deal.

NHL Return to Play Key Dates

TSN’s Bob McKenzie broke down the new “tentative” schedule and made certain to note the NHL can move these dates with impunity. Here are the key Return to Play dates.

  • Phase 3 Training Camp: July 13
  • Arrive at Hub City: ~July 26
  • Phase 4 Qualifying Round: August 1
  • Draft Lottery Phase 2: ~August 10
  • Award Stanley Cup: Early October
  • NHL Draft: Mid-October
  • Start of Free Agency: November 1

Tony DeAngelo weighs in on Hockey Analytics

DeAngelo isn’t a fan of analytics (Getty Images)

Tony DeAngelo is the Rangers top scorer from the blue-line. He is also the fourth highest scorer among all NHL defensemen this season. The host of his own podcast, “Watch Your Tone” isn’t a fan of analytics to say the least.

On his latest show, Tony indicated that while there’s a place for them he will take the word of a scout or GM over a computer any day. As they touched on all sports analytics, DeAngelo put some emphasis on hockey as expected.

The outspoken rearguard first read out the definition for a fancy stat the spreadsheet samurai like to call “Expected Goals”. In essence, xG states not all shots are equal and thus a point value is assigned to each shot type. As an example, a rebound is worth more than a shot from the boards. Stat analysts then take the player’s shot chances to determine their expected goals rate per game.

After reading it, Tony DeAngelo blasted xG for the nonsense it is. He started with a sarcastic, “WOW! I can’t believe they came up with something so groundbreaking.” DeAngelo then explained, “If I am right in front of the net, I have a better chance to score than when I am way back.”

Of course, DeAngelo recognized that’s obvious but he dove in a little deeper. “But guess what? If I ain’t a good scorer, I ain’t gonna score as much.” That’s why for DeAngelo the eye test matters more.

Ultimately, he and his co-hosts admitted there’s value to it when used properly. The message they wanted to get across, at least in hockey, is it isn’t the end-all be-all.


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