Rangers Roundup: Tony DeAngelo makes podcast official and Henrik Lundqvist wants to play beyond this contract

Tony DeAngelo has made his podcast official. Watch Your Tone has a Twitter handle and will be coming out soon. According to DeAngelo who has shown great potential on the mic via Rangers social media running “Hot Takes with Tony D”, it will be about sports and general topics. No politics.


Unnecessary Controversy

Of course, with DeAngelo there will always be some level of controversy. At this moment there is nothing controversial about the podcast itself. Tony is outspoken politically on Twitter and social media is not known for its “tolerance and understanding” on both sides. This caused an actual reporter to contact the Rangers to ask if they are affiliated with it, which led to a direct response by DeAngelo.


Henrik Lundqvist Wants to Play After Contract Ends

Henrik Lundqvist and Johan Rylander (ctsy Johan Rylander)

In case you missed it, Johan Rylander spoke with Henrik Lundqvist and got this amazing piece of breaking news.

I’ve spoken to Johan many times on Henrik over the year. We’ve even discussed the rumors of a buyout for the franchise goaltender. Rylander didn’t waste the opportunity and asked Henrik about it. “It’s not in my mind right now, “ was his reply. “The focus is training and this summer. Now we go for it right here. I can sense that I have it in me – to go another few years over there in the NHL. I’m sure about it!” So if the Rangers do opt to buy him out, his reign as the King in NY may be finished, but not in the NHL.

Forever Blueshirts

Lundqvist gave Johan more insights which you can read in full here.

Sean Day Clears


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