Rangers Roundup: Trouble in Dallas, Hayes a goner, Karlsson and Panarin to NY?

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The latest rumors around the league and the New York Rangers.

Seguin and Benn playing like “F*cking Horsesh*t!”

Apparently the Owner and CEO of the Dallas Stars have had it with the play of their two biggest stars. In an expletive filled rant to reporters, Stars CEO, Jim Lites laced in to Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn.

It was also revealed that the Stars owner, Tom Gagliardi “is pissed” about their play as well. Many are calling it a calculated move to get Benn and Seguin motivated but some feel like this is it for Dallas. While they just signed Tyler Seguin to a new contract, I could see Jamie Benn and others put on the block at the deadline and/or the draft.

Rangers may not pay Hayes

Rick Carpiniello dished some updates on the Rangers in his latest column for The Athletic. In it he states that Jeff Gorton may not fork over the money and years Kevin Hayes may be looking for in his next contract.

According to Carpiniello both sides tried to get a long term deal but failed last summer. Now it will take around 6 years for 6.25M+ per, but I heard rumors that Hayes is looking for 7M plus with his recent strong play. If the Rangers and Hayes can’t come to an agreement by the NHL trade deadline, Hayes will most likely be dealt.

Panarin and Karlsson on the Rangers?
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Panarin and his agent are scheduled to meet with Blue Jackets management in January. It is likely at that meeting that we will find out if Panarin is going to hit the UFA market on July 1st or not. Although his agent says he’s happy in Columbus, Panarin might be seeking a bigger role in a bigger market this summer.

On a recent radio interview, Pierre Lebrun discussed if Henrik Lundqvist might have a change of heart on the staying around for the rebuild. Then he dished on Panarin to the Rangers and even Henrik Lundqvist’s good friend, Erik Karlsson.

“First of all, tons of cap room, which is not something we’re used to have associated with the Rangers. I think it’d be a prime landing spot for Artemi Panarin. We had his agent on this morning, actually, on Leafs Lunch. Now, we didn’t talk about him going to the Rangers, of course.”

“…the Rangers have a shot at him this summer, and if Panarin does go to the market, New York would absolutely fit, I think, the criteria for the type of place Panarin would look at. What about Erik Karlsson if he doesn’t sign in San Jose. Good pals with Henrik Lundqvist. So I think that’s what I would remind Lundqvist, if I were the Rangers, that just get through the next few months here. That there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Not to mention a lot of good, young players on that Rangers team.”

Lebrun via Nichols on Hockey

Lebrun also believes that Panarin is looking for at least 10M per season on his next deal. Can the Rangers afford that? With around 23M in cap space for next season the answer is yes, but would leave them with 13M to fill out a competitive roster and plan properly for the future so they don’t wind up like Toronto this summer.

Of course, if the Rangers trade Hayes and Zuccarello that cap number goes up. Plus, if they are selling off at the deadline, why would they stop with just those two? You could see many players like Kreider, Shattenkirk, Smith, and Staal all possibly on the move.

How about Hayes for Panarin as a rental deal?

This isn’t really just my idea but inspired by Rick Carpiniello suggesting that Columbus might be intrigued at acquiring Kevin Hayes as a rental. If Panarin opts for free agency, why not swap the two and see if you can get them to sign with your respective teams?

If they sign in the summer, you can have conditions to the trade that could see future draft picks exchanged. The Rangers may have to add in a little more to make it happen, but giving it some thought actually makes it more plausible, not less.

Wouldn’t John Tortorella love to have Hayes and Zuccarello in place of just Panarin for a playoff run? Just some ideas from this internet GM.

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