Rangers rumored to face Stars in the 2020 Winter Classic?

Cotton Bowl

We know that Dallas will host the next Winter Classic, what we don’t know is who the Stars will be playing against.

Yesterday on the podcast we talked about how the Rangers may be rumored to be the opponent even though it may sound unconventional. Usually, the NHL likes to go with a division rivalry or a marquee matchup within the conference.

That isn’t to say they won’t break away from that formula. The very first Winter Classic had Pittsburgh facing off against Buffalo. In 2015 they had Chicago play Washington, and this year they go up against the Bruins.

The one constant in all the Winter Classics is one marquee or top market team is in the game. And honestly, how many times is Chicago going to play in these? They are now in their 4th out of 11.

Enter the New York Rangers…

New York is undoubtedly one of the largest U.S. hockey markets and have only been in two thus far. While a game against a division rival makes sense from a hockey standpoint, will it draw a national audience? Seriously, is anyone itching for Stars v Blues match up? Or Jets, Avs, Wild? I doubt it.

There are rumors out there on the internet that suggest Minnesota and the Rangers are the two front runners. Today we will learn just who it is.

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