Rangers rumors – Is Henrik Lundqvist practicing at Frolunda in closed door sessions? This time Frolunda responds

The Frolunda Indians are one of only two teams in the SHL apparently conducting closed door practices. This prompted journalist, Johan Rylander to speculate why Frolunda has decided to do this.

Henrik Lundqvist rumors think he’s at Frolunda’s practice facility

Johan Rylander is a Swedish reporter for the G√∂teborgs-Posten. During the NHL pause, he conducted a great interview with Henrik Lundqvist at Frolunda’s training facility.

Now the journalist is pondering why Frolunda has opted to hold closed door sessions for practice. “Given that Frolunda is one of two SHL teams that are still running with closed training sessions, you start to wonder,” he tweeted. “Is it because Lundqvist is training for return? Or is it simply due to fear of covid-19 from two journalists 40 meters from the ice?”

I reached out to Johan to ask about it. While he admits it is pure speculation, he confirmed that Henrik Lundqvist is indeed in town and has to be keeping in shape and practicing somewhere.

Frolunda’s official position on the matter

Rangers rumors Henrik Lundqvist
Joel and Henrik Lundqvist this past May (Frolunda HC)

In an effort to understand what’s going on better in Sweden I spoke with Peter Kymmer, Media Manager for the Frolunda Indians. My first question was why hold closed door sessions with COVID-19 under control in Sweden?

“Coronavirus is under control, but official regulations have not changed since the pandemic started,” Kymmer explained. “The main reason for closed trainings is the concern of our players: we want to protect them from the virus by all means.” The Indians are also talking with the SHL and will communicate to the media if they change position on this matter.

I also asked point blank about Henrik Lundqvist and in particular if he is at least using their facility to stay in shape, which is allowed by IIHF rules. Mr. Kymmer’s answer was exactly what I expected.

“I have no information on Henrik Lundqvist more than he is not on our roster and not part of our team.”

Does that response end the story for you? The truth is that it won’t for many. Until Henrik speaks or the Rangers make a determination we can expect more speculation.

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