Rangers Tie Series 2-2 in Game 4

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After an abysmal Game 3, I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into Game 4. Visions of last year’s slump in the first round kept clouding my vision, but I kept a positive outlook. The Rangers stepped it up from the moment the puck dropped in period one, and despite a few gaffes, played a good 60-minute game.

Buch Makes His Debut and Holden Returns

Pavel Buchnevich was a surprise on the ice today, but it was clearly evident he belongs there. His stick and puck handling are a beauty of a thing to watch, and even though he didn’t score, his efforts made a difference. He also seemed to spark some life back into Kreider and Zibanejad, both who have been sorely missing since the playoffs started.

On the defense, Klein was removed in favor of Holden (WHY!) again, and somewhere Adam Clendening sits collecting dust. Will he see a playoff game? That’s left to be seen.

Two Goals Sealed the Win

Fast lit the lamp, and then double checked to make sure it went in.


Goal number two came in the second period. It started with McDonagh, who kept the puck inside the blue line, giving Nash the opportunity for a mulligan on his earlier disallowed goal.


Dismal Officiating

The Rangers couldn’t buy a penalty tonight, there were so many “missed” penalties that it was astounding. Elbows flew, skates were kicked, and slashing commenced, but no whistles blew.

Smith, in particular, took a wallop of a beating with an elbow to the face and a chop to the wrist. He stuck it out and that’s the definition of a true hockey player.

Hank Continues to Shine

After facing 118 shots in three games, he faced only 24 in Game 4, making 23 saves. He even bailed out the defense on a few critical breakaway attempts.

The only goal Montreal scored should’ve been disallowed; the play should’ve been blown dead due to both sides having too many men on the ice. In all seriousness, it should’ve been another shutout. Nevertheless, they got the “W.”

I think we’re all with Hank on this one:


The Blueshirts head back to Montreal for Game 5, which takes place on Thursday.

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