Report: NHL teams weighing two options for next season’s schedule

The NHL GM Meetings took place last week and discussed what next season could look like. A great piece of work from the Sportsnet crew on Saturday Headlines yesterday helped detail it out.

NHL Teams weighing two options for next season

Per Elliotte Friedman the NHL presented teams at the GM Meeting with two options for next season which they are now weighing in on. Let’s begin with the fact we are looking at a return to standard divisions (bye East Division, welcome back Metro).

Option 1: Home and Home with opposing conference (32 games), 3 games vs other division (24 games), and 26 games within division (4x v 5 teams, 3x v 2 teams), a conference playoff system.

Option 2: Home and Home with 3 other divisions (48 games), 4 games vs each Division opponent (28 games), and 6 games for special scheduling (more Rangers v Islanders etc.), a divisional playoff system.

My initial reaction is I believe teams will come back with some ideas of their own and change what the final options are. That being said, any change for the Rangers out of the brutal and overstacked East Division is a win for them. Games against lesser opponents and a return to a conference playoff system with wild cards is what would work to their advantage.

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