Report: Rangers have qualified Ryan Strome

The Rangers have opted to qualify RFA center Ryan Strome. This continues to give the Blueshirts negotiation rights and not lose him for nothing.

Ryan Strome Qualified

Larry Brooks reported as to why the Rangers may have delayed qualifying Strome. His main reason being his arbitration eligibility which could have him see a reward over $4.5 million that they couldn’t walk away from.

And yes, the Rangers would have walk-away rights, but only if the award is above $4,538,958. That could be close to the award if the arbiter goes low. It is unlikely the Blueshirts would extend a QO without being comfortable having the power to walk away from it.


Now we will see if the Rangers can hammer out a deal with all four RFAs.

ryan strome contract
Ryan Strome will be an RFA (Getty Images)

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