Rick Nash endorses fighting in the NHL

Nash on SINOW

Nash on SINOW

Here’s something I think many Rangers fans and those in the anti-fighting crowd may have missed. Rick Nash in an interview with SI believes fighting belongs in the game and gave his reasoning why.Here’s the full transcript of his response when Nash was asked about fighting:

“I think it does. With the way the NHL is and with the cap right now. I think guys coming up from the AHL, young guys come up and they’re cheaper to pay so they play a different style. They run around. They go after guys and if you don’t have guys that are going to answer the bell to that or stick up for other players, then I think it’s just gonna turn into a different league. I think fighting, it’s a part of hockey, and you don’t wanna see any guys get hurt or anything like that, but it’s just been the way it’s been forever.”

So Nash, a skilled player actually thinks that due to the new economic landscape in the NHL, that if there isn’t fighting the game will devolve into more of a grinding  fiasco with a lack of skill. Notice, he didn’t mention any nonsense like it would prevent injury or it acting like a deterrent.

He basically said, that if lesser skilled players are allowed to go after and annoy skilled players unchecked, the game will be less fun to watch. How’s that for a new angle anti-fighting crowd? Put that in your pipes and smoke it.

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