Round 1, Game 2, Late Faltering Costs Rangers Win

McDonagh battles in gm 2 (Bernard Brault)

Many were expecting another thrilling game, and while the Blueshirts didn’t win, the game had its moments.

Grabner finally cashed in on a breakaway, tying the game in the first which prompted LOUD cheering in my house. His empty-netter in Game 1 might’ve provided security, but this one certainly provided encouragement.

The second period saw Nash and Zucc both score to tie and then take the lead.

Nash going top shelf:

Zucc goal in 2nd period:

Laying Back in the Third Will Always Come Back to Bite You

It’s long been a bad Rangers habit to sit back a little after gaining the lead. When they went up 3-2 in the second, it was a must that they come out and play their absolute best in the third period, but alas ’twas not to be.

The first few minutes the intensity just wasn’t there and Montreal was able to dominate the play, getting plenty of shots in, which resulted in a lot of headstand maneuvers by Hank to keep them in the game. They finally picked up the pace toward the end, but with 17.9 seconds on the clock, Montreal scored a tying goal. Sure, it makes for exciting hockey — for the Canadiens fans! For Rangers fans it was another excuse to break out the liquor or the antacids, take your pick.

Defensive Woes Cost Huge Turnovers

Turnovers were a major part of the problem tonight, and it wasn’t just the forwards making bad turnovers. The defense has to carry a lot — if not most — of the blame as well. One of the most notable problems was Nick Holden. The Staal/Holden line isn’t really doing much and is proving to be more of a hindrance than benefit, and don’t even get me started on why you have Holden out on the ice when Montreal pulls their goalie…Expect some defensive changes for the next game.

Don’t Look for Henrik’s Head 

The problem tonight wasn’t Henrik, despite what the scoreboard may say. In fact, the team pretty much hung him out to dry in a sense, though that’s nothing new. What other excuse is there for a night when 50+ saves just isn’t enough? It was bad enough that the man went nearly 49 seconds without his stick, and without an offensive player offering up his, because hey nothing is better than something, right? Someone buy that man a steak, pronto.

Game 3 takes place on Sunday night back at MSG at 7p.m. I’ll be here with the recap after, and hopefully this time, it’ll be a more positive one.


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