Ryan Lindgren is Iron Man in the eyes of the New York Rangers

Since entering the league in the 2018-19 season, Ryan Lindgren has helped the New York Rangers compile a 150-83-27 record when he is in the lineup via StatMuse. When he is not in the lineup, mostly due to injury, the Blueshirts have gone 47-52-17. Number 55’s impact has already been on full display this season after just four games, as New York is 2-1-0 when Lindgren plays, in comparison to 0-1-0 when he doesn’t.

Lindgren is highly regarded by his teammates as well. In practice sessions and during games, his ability to play through pain for the Rangers is often praised by his peers.

“He’s Iron Man,” said Rangers’ goalie Igor Shesterkin after a 2-1 win over the Arizona Coyotes. “Robert Downey Jr. needs to be ready for him to take his job.”

Over the years, the Rangers have carved out a hard-working identity in the center of New York, amid the famous neon lights of Broadway and the non-stop activity of the Big Apple. Many athletes have worn the renowned red, white, and blue sweater since it first appeared in 1926, but few have had the same long-lasting impact as Ryan Lindgren. The defenseman has come to represent the Rangers because of his unrelenting commitment to the team and intense loyalty to his teammates. 

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Ryan Lindgren a warrior for New York Rangers

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An Example of Grit and Determination

Flashy plays or highlight-reel goals are not the focus of Lindgren’s game. Instead, he personifies tenacity and determination at their core. The 25-year-old is ready to risk everything for his team each time he steps onto the ice. His unwavering passion, which sees him consistently put his body in the way of powerful shots and engage in tense confrontations along the boards, exemplifies a style of hockey that is both traditional and highly effective. Lindgren’s unrelenting style of play not only motivates his teammates but also strongly connects with fans who value a player who gives 100% during every game.

A Guardian on the Ice

Beyond his physical play, Lindgren excels at encouraging and defending his teammates. He is always there to help a fellow Ranger who has been the subject of a questionable hit or wrongful play. The team has a strong sense of trust because of his unwavering dedication to each one of them. When players know they have a teammate like Lindgren looking out for them, they play with more assurance, pushing the envelope and taking risks in the knowledge that they have the support of their teammate. The Rangers benefit from Lindgren’s energy and persistence, and he flourishes knowing that he is a part of a strong team.

Fan and Teammate Adoration

The Rangers have a devoted fanbase that has seen several players come and go throughout the years. A player needs to have resilience, heart, and an unwavering drive to win in order to fully win over the Garden faithful. These values are reflected in Lindgren’s mentality towards the game of hockey. Given the connection he has established with Ranger fans, it should come as no surprise that he often receives long standing ovations inside Madison Square Garden in appreciation of his hard work.

In the storied history of the Rangers, Lindgren has etched his name as a player who truly understands the essence of the team and the city it represents. His dedication to the game, his protective nature towards his teammates, and his genuine connection with the fanbase demonstrate a player who is not just talented but also highly conscious of what it truly means to be a New York Ranger. All those who bleed blue love and respect Lindgren for combining talent, heart, and dedication into his style of play.

Lindgren will be a restricted free agent with arbitration rights at the end of this season. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if the Rangers sign him well before July rolls around.

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