Tanner Glass in for James Sheppard versus Islanders, fire up the hate tweets!

Tanner Glass (Getty)

Tanner Glass (Getty)

Alain Vigneault confirmed today that Tanner Glass will be in for James Sheppard against the Islanders tomorrow night and social media explodes.

So the Tanner Glass hate tweets are back and some of them are so awful that I refuse to post. A simple search on twitter with Tanner Glass in it, will give you all the ugly and vile comments you can handle (including one about Glass in the lineup makes me want to punch babies). Sweet, isn’t it. You would think the Rangers weren’t 29-14-6 with him in the lineup! Ridiculous…and although he isn’t the best option, he isn’t as terrible as the “fancy stats community” makes him out to be. Using an imperfect system to judge a player solely based on possession stats.

Note: Not all tweets below are hateful…some are just funny (the real nasty ones you can find yourself)

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