The curious case of Rangers enigmatic Pavel Buchnevich

Seemingly since being drafted by the New York Rangers, Pavel Buchnevich has been this figure of intrigue for fans and the organization. We were dazzled by his KHL highlights and couldn’t wait for him to make the transition over to North America. We sang his praises before he touched the ice in New York and once he got here many were ready to anoint him as the next big russian star. But it hasn’t turned out that way. Two coaches in Buchnevich’s tenure and so far the results are looking… well… not as we would all have hoped. He has shown flashes of brilliance; flashes of a player who could dominate but why isn’t he? And what should the Rangers do about it?


Let’s get one thing straight: It’s clear by now that Buchnevich is talented player and he is a player that possesses the skills to be a game-changer. The issue lies in the fact that it seems he is relying on his skills too much. What exactly does that mean? Well if someone doesn’t put it 100% work effort, doesn’t get to the dirty areas, doesn’t give it their all on every shift than even if you’re the most skillful player in the world you won’t get the job done. You can lose the trust of your coaches and teammates and become an afterthought in the lineup. Buchnevich seems to be in danger of losing his way in David Quinn’s lineup.


Fans were livid when Alain Vigneault would relegate Buchnevich to the 4th line during games or bench him for simple mistakes and rightly so. He was treated fairly under Vigneault and the treatment of Buchnevich is one of the many reasons why Vigneault was ultimately let go. He admitted after Vigneault’s firing that he felt scared and apprehensive at times on the ice because he knew a mistake would mean a benching. Under Quinn so far, Buchnevich has been given many chances to prove he belongs in the lineup but there has obviously been things Quinn has seen that he really isn’t a fan of.


So if it’s lack of effort on Buchnevich’s part he needs to realize that he needs to step his game up. The Rangers are rebuilding and this is the time where management and the coaching staff will need to decide who gets to be apart of a Stanley Cup contending core of players going forward. If a player, like Buchnevich, isn’t showing the heart, the drive or the passion to be his absolute best every night than both management and the coaches will have to think twice if he deserves to be apart of the team going forward. These are troubling times for a player many thought would be a lock to be on Mika Zibanejad’s other wing opposite Chris Kreider for the duration of the season.


A player like Cody McLeod should not be in the lineup over a player like Pavel Buchnevich. Simple as that. But for some reason he is and that is speaking volumes about where Buchnevich is with the coaching staff. Just the other day, David Quinn pulled Buchnevich aside after practice and spoke to him for a good long while. We don’t know exactly what was said but we can assume that it had to do with Quinn wanting to see Buchnevich play with that fire and passion so he could be reinserted into the lineup. We all want to see Buchnevich succeed but it’s up to him to get the coaching staff to believe in him again.


The Rangers have two options going forward here: keep Buchnevich and see what he can give you in a top-six role all year or trade him to somewhere where maybe a change of scenery could ignite his fire and get a solid return for him.


Keeping Buchnevich is definitely ideal and we would all love nothing more than to see him succeed and be a dependable top six player for the Rangers for years to come. If a trade route was decided upon by the Rangers one must wonder if a trade for another seemingly talented but out-of-the-mix winger in Edmonton’s Jesse Puljujarvi could be a possibility. Farfetched a bit yeah considering how high Puljujarvi was picked and considering how young he is also but with both winger kind of on the outs on their respective teams, could a swap and change of scenery do them well? It’s something to consider.


Buchnevich will get every chance to prove himself over the course of this season but the question remains if he will reward David Quinn’s faith in him or make himself an expendable asset as the New York Rangers seek to rebuild their franchise.

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