The Great Hockey Movie Showdown Round 1

Here we go. Let the fun begin with round 1 of the hockey movie showdown.

By Forever Blueshirts
4B Hockey Movie Showdown

At Forever Blueshirts the game never stops and neither does our love for hockey. So while we wait for games to resume, we promised you some fun and we will deliver. It all begins with round one of our great hockey movie showdown.

Round 1

We selected the 8 greatest hockey movies of all time and pitted them against each other for you to decide the ultimate hockey film. Round one has some classics going against some beloved underdogs, as well as some hard to choose match ups. Let the voting begin.

Note: It’s come to my attention that some voters are being redirected after a vote. Round 2 will use another polling site.

Slapshot vs Sudden Death
Sudden Death
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Miracle vs Goon
Youngblood vs Mystery, Alaska
Mystery, Alaska
Mighty Ducks vs MD2
Mighty Ducks

Polls close tomorrow afternoon, and round 2 will begin promptly thereafter.