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All right, I already know most of you probably reading this are Leafs fans that I’ve shared this with that absolutely want to kill me right now. For that, I’m sorry but thanks for the site views….but, thats not only why this is here. Right now, there is a stalemate between the Toronto Maple Leafs and William Nylander’s camp on what exactly he deserves salary wise as a member of the National Hockey League. Both sides are currently at a stand still and at this point in time and it’s safe to assume that Toronto has at least shopped the young forward around to a few teams, publicly or privately.

The Situation

How did this situation come about in the first place? The signing of John Tavares and the impending RFA situations of Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner are three reasons why the Leafs are in this stalemate. It is safe to say that Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas doesn’t want to tie up cap space in a talented but unproven forward in Nylander. Currently, Nylander’s camp is asking for a multi season deal that is upwards to the price of 8 million dollars a year. Nothing against Nylander, but you can understand Dubas’ reasoning in wanting to save room to keep Matthews and Marner around, as they have proven their worth to Toronto more than Nylander has at the moment.

Rangers should make an offer

This brings me to my next point. Why don’t the Rangers make an offer sheet or at least a potential trade for William Nylander? It’s a long shot but not out of the realm of possibility. Currently, the Rangers are in what everyone considers to be a rebuild. This is William Nylander, not Michael, which means he’s young. He is 22 years old and has the potential to be a dynamic C/W for any team, Toronto or otherwise. The Rangers, albeit young, are missing someone with flare. In the time he’s played for Toronto, Nylander has shown flashes of someone with flare. He has a tremendous shot and has a strong mind for the game, like his dad before him. He can play both center and wing along with a strong skating ability that can keep up with the fast paced style of the new NHL. Take a look at what kind of player he is and you’ll see why he’s coveted by many teams.

Don’t get me wrong, the potential haul, whether it’s an offer sheet or a trade would be significant. Toronto still values him highly as they should and Kyle Dubas is no Pierre Dorion. Toronto’s first priority is to keep him in the GTA. New York would need to part with a few first round picks and some more, along with a player or two of similar age or talent to land him. That being said, if the Rangers are really committed to a rebuild for youth, it should be something the team and brass should consider if they want to get this franchise back on track. Unlike Artemi Panarin, William Nylander is five years younger and has an incredibly high ceiling. I would have no problem with the Rangers parting with a few pieces to acquire a guy who has the skill and talent to become a top line, elite forward. We’ve mentioned the latter point on many podcasts and articles, that the Rangers are missing a top tier talent up front, so a move like this would bring a forward of that kind of ilk to potentially fit that role.

You never can know with prospects, but so far, his track record seems okay and the trend is only going upward. It’s unlikely but not impossible for the Rangers to make a move for William Nylander.

Your move, Toronto.

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