The Rangers Nuclear Option to land Panarin

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So the Islanders are now the favorites as Bob McKenzie says to sign Panarin. If not them maybe the Panthers? Well they are likely to be giving Sergei Bobrovsky a boat load of money, and are rumored to be signing Brett Connolly to a deal worth 3.5M AAV. It is starting to look like the Panthers are out.

Well, are Lou Lamoriello and the Isles going to land Artemi Panarin? Maybe.

The Nuclear Option

Larry Brooks wrote recently that the Rangers weren’t going to go over 11.25M, although I think they would go a little higher. Rumors claim the Islanders are going north of 12M. So what can the Rangers do if they don’t want to go over say 11.5M? It’s what I call the Nuclear Option.

Just like the Leafs last year, they can front load the contract. Are the Islanders going to come up with $70M up front? I don’t think so. This is also what you call lock out proofing the contract, which it looks like we are steam rolling to one in the summer of 2020.

As I mentioned in my last post, the Rangers aren’t out of it. I was also informed that the brass was seen heading into their offices late Sunday to huddle. Maybe they are deciding if this is the option they want to take to land Panarin.

Listen, James Dolan just lost out on Kevin Durant…maybe he isn’t going to let hockey’s version get away too.

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