Tony DeAngelo is becoming an all around defenseman for Rangers

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It has been well documented the route that Tony DeAngelo has taken to become where he is today. It can be said over and over how talented of a player he is with the puck on his stick. He also has been doing very well defensively. Especially when it comes to recovery.

Victory in Defeat

No matter what outlet is being used, it is overly documented that the Rangers are currently in the middle of a rebuild. Of course this means nothing to a head coach like David Quinn, nor should it, but obviously the team is far from being a contender. The negative; the constant losing and being outplayed. The positive; is more of a leash for younger players. This combination means that players will take more chances. Almost every time Tony D is on the ice he takes a risk in the offensive zone but he has unbelievable skating ability that allows him to make up for either his mishap or his partners.

A League of His Own

One of the most important parts of being a defenseman is being able to exit the zone safely. Tony D does it better than just about anyone in the league. what makes this an even more important stat, is the fact that the team ranks as the third worst team in the NHL in shots against.

Having a defenseman that is sure handed at exiting the team’s zone is such an important asset. Of course this all means that there will need to be continued growth in DeAngelo’s game. However it’s been evident that DeAngelo is not just focused on points on the board and has worked on making sure they stay off.

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