Valiquette: Worst shot he’s ever seen on a goalie, wants 10 games for Eakins

Lundqvist hurt (via nbc)

Steve Valiquette once manned the pipes for the Rangers and was even Henrik Lundqvist’s backup. Last night, the former goaltender was visibly angry when discussing the cheap shot by Cody Eakin on Lundqvist.

The Cheap Shot


Sadly, aside from a Rick Nash face rub, not a single Ranger did anything to defend their franchise player. Valiquette even stated during the first intermission that the game has changed, but when he played someone would have gotten to Eakin. He even turned to Ron Duguay and said, “when you played, 5 or 6 guys would’ve jumped him.”

Bottom line, Steve was pissed

Valiquette even went so far to speak to some goalies who were equally as livid. Here’s what they told him.


The Pansification of Hockey

I’m sorry…I know we now live in a society that has grown sensitive and soft. Everyone wants to understand and be forgiving to the “criminal”, often leaving the “victim” with no justice. We are all about, “no bullying” and “I’m going to tell”. You know when I was a kid and was being bullied or saw someone bullying, I or someone else would punch the bully in the mouth.

You also know what happened then? We’d go to an authority like a Principal or a Parent and once I explained what a jerk said bully was…I would get a pat on the back and the bully would get even more “justice”.

Well, the pansification of our society has now seeped into the game of hockey. By the way, this isn’t the first goalie to be hit with zero response from a teammate. Not to long ago a contact incident happened to Carey Price. Not a single teammate did a thing.

Former Blues enforcer, Kelly Chase had this to say:

I agree Kelly…what has happened?

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