What a future Rangers game would be like with legalized gambling

Bettman (NHL)

The Supreme Court paved the way for a whole new dynamic in the sports world yesterday. They struck down a law that prevents all states except Nevada from legalized gambling. While Congress can regulate it, each State can do what it wants.

What This Could Mean For NHL Teams?

In one simple word? REVENUE!

Can you imagine walking into Madison Square Garden to slot machines! Don’t laugh, it could happen. Of course that seems obvious, although it’s unlikely, but a sports betting lounge could become common at most venues.

Where NY Stands on Sports Gambling

New York: The Empire State is in a unique position. A 2013 amendment to the state constitution may allow sports betting at commercial casinos — but not at racetracks, racinos, tribal casinos, etc.  In March, after a lengthy hearing on sports betting a few weeks prior, Sen. John Bonacic introduced S7900, which is in the Finance Committee and relates to the regulation of both sports and mobile betting. The bill is fairly comprehensive. Recently Assembly Member Clyde Vanel introduced S 10322 in the Committee on Racing, Gaming, and Wagering that would create a task force to study online sports betting. A full-fledged sports betting bill bill from that committee’s chairman, J. Gary Pretlow, is expected to come soon. New York’s session runs until June 20, so they have time and are waiting to see about SCOTUS. – Jill R Dorson – Sports Handle

Future Ranger Games?

To be honest this could be any NHL game at any arena. Still what if you were able to walk up to a window and bet on the game, who scores the first goal, or betting on other NHL games while at the Rangers game.

How about the installation of tablets at every seat in order to place your bets, or play daily fantasy sports games? The bottom line is that all of these things mean more money for the arena and the team.

Another side effect will be more engaged fans. That’s not always positive, especially when alcohol and losing money are combined. So arenas will likely need to spend more on security, which should be easy with the additional money coming in.

Ultimately, every State is going to decide what they will allow. However, if pressure is applied by the 4 major sports in their respective cities, you would see more States adopting the same rules. Follow the money….it’s one of the universal truths.

All I know is, attending a game could have a whole different look and feel in the near future.


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