Wrestlemania without fans could be preview of what Cup Finals would feel like

Wrestlemania is the one of the biggest events in all of sports and entertainment. Tonight, WWE moved forward with their annual extravaganza and is doing so without fans in attendance. Could this be a preview for what hockey will be like when it returns? A Stanley Cup awarded without fans? It’s amazing how much we take certain things for granted and how important they are at a sporting event.

Awkward “Silence”

The WWE has been posting brief clips of the action tonight and it is a far cry from Wrestlemania events in the past. There is something really awkward about hearing wrestlers perform without the roar or boos of the crowd.

You have to give these athletes full credit for performing without fans. It has to be tough because as entertainers they need the reactions of the crowd for the performance to be memorable. I mean, there is nothing more electric than this moment from Wrestlemania III where Hulk Hogan slammed Andre the Giant. Let’s be honest, it just wouldn’t be as historic.

Cup or bust

Ovechkin with Cup (Getty Images)

Regardless if there are fans in attendance or not, it sure sounds like the NHL is hell bent on awarding the Cup this year. One thing for sure is they would prefer to have fans there but a lot will be dictated by what’s going on in the world with regards to the coronavirus pandemic.

One thing is for sure, fans of the team that wins the Cup will consider it very memorable. And if the playoffs are played without fans, maybe all those deep thinkers that say there’s no such a thing as momentum will have a change of heart? I doubt it, but if you’re watching Wrestlemania, I’m sure you have a new found appreciation for the role fans play at sporting events.

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