Choices For Rangers Captain Not Named Chris Kreider or Mats Zuccarello

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The unknown of who will where the ‘C’ on their jersey next season for the Blueshirts has left us assuming that either Mats Zuccarello or Chris Kreider will be given the honor. However, as draft night approaches, the guessing game on whether or not the Rangers decide to package one of these guys, likely Zuccarello, in yet another trade to clean house for younger assets continues to heat up. We can only guess who the next captain of the Rangers will be, and there are a few guys that will do a solid job being labeled as a captain.

Marc Staal

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I know what you’re all thinking, but yes, Marc Staal. The man has been with the Rangers since the start of the 2007 season, and currently wears an ‘A’ on his chest. We all know the story with Marc Staal; was a top defenseman for the Blueshirts until his own brother gave him a horrific concussion that seemed to have altered his career. However, Staal is signed through 2021 and has represented this team for more than a decade. Many people think that the Rangers should get rid of Staal someway, somehow. Whether that be through trade, which is unlikely with Staal’s big contract and a no-move clause, or through buyout à la Dan Girardi. But I don’t think either will happen. The Rangers have room for his monster contract now since they are rebuilding, and it is a real possibility that the Rangers want to give the ‘C’ to a guy who has been with the team for a long period of time.

Kevin Shattenkirk

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Another defenseman who has paid their dues in the NHL and has certainly proven his ability to lead a team. Being an assistant captain through some of his years in St. Louis, I can easily see Kevin Shattenkirk bring thrown the ‘C’ this upcoming season. Although this is only his second year as a Ranger, and he only played approximately half of last season last year due to injury, Kevin Shattenkirk’s presence was felt once he put ink to paper. His love for New York was known before he even signed with the club, as the New Rochelle native wanted nothing more than to play at home. That could play a role with the organization when deciding who should be there captain. A guy who loves the city and loves his team with experience being a leader.

Mika Zibanejad

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A much younger option, as Zibanejad is only 25 years of age. Zibanejad, who has now played in two seasons with the Rangers, recently signed a five-year contract extension with the team. He has shown that he should be, and is, the number one center on the Blueshirts this past season, as he opened the eyes of many fans. To choose a younger guy to be your captain means that they have trust to see you stick with the team through the good and the bad. Zibanejad has shown that he also develops great relationships with his teammates outside of the rink, as he has documented via his Instagram. Developing relationships with your teammates can ultimately build their trust with you, and being a captain begins with your teammates being able to listen and trust you.

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Even though Zuccarello and Kreider seem to be the favorites, you never know what could happen. The Rangers could even decide to go captain-less next year, not knowing who’s going to stick around or who’s going to stand out as a clear-cut favorite. It is only a guessing game, so we must wait for now.

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