Coach Quinn Pens Letter To Rangers Fans


On Thursday, David Quinn was announced at the franchise’s 35th coach in team history.

Later, Quinn released a letter to all of Rangers fans, which can be read here. In reading the letter, I was pleased to see his eagerness to want to begin his tenure as a Ranger. This was also evident in watching his press conference. He seemed like he was relaxed but eager to want to begin his work.

Coach Quinn talks about why he took the position and what he wants to do as the coach for the blueshirts. The one thing that stood out to me, was his willingness to discuss his coaching style. One of the recurring themes when describing Quinn, from the outlets that covered him, along side himself and former players is that he is fair, demanding and holds his players accountable. He talks about how defense is a prime focus for the team, along with puck possession. He mentions a line on how if the team doesn’t have the puck, they’re going to find a way to get it back. Quinn also mentions that the Rangers will be a team to get into the faces of an opponent and make them uncomfortable.

This is a breath of fresh air to hear after witnessing many previous teams that were talented but described as “soft”.

The previous regime turned the other cheek when confronted by other teams and this resulted in a lot of games that could’ve been won if the extra step or push had been given. On too many instances, did we watch our Rangers get taken advantage of by teams who were bigger and stronger, but also fold when a team displayed a slight edge in performance. One example that comes to mind is the 2014 Stanley Cup Final. A talented team up and down the lineup, but there was a little bit of grit missing outside of the fourth line. Many of those close games could’ve gone the other way, if they hadn’t allowed Los Angeles to walk all over them on certain occasions.

It is outstanding to see a coach come in and discuss these things and bring that kind of attitude to this Rangers team. It’s something this franchise has lacked for some time now and considering the division the Rangers are in, it’s vital to have those kinds of traits displayed through your men throughout a grueling 82 game season.

So, to Coach Quinn, thank you for taking the chance to build the team we all love and we hope you can help bring this franchise back to the strong, contending team it’s meant to be. We are all excited to see what you can bring forth to Broadway.


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