K’Andre Miller and Rangers victims of Zoombombers

What happened to K’Andre Miller and the Rangers on Friday is not new. It is called “Zoombombing”. This is where hackers intrude a web conference and post pornography and racial slurs. The app Zoom now comes with an FBI warning and an apology from the company’s CEO due to their poor security.

Zoombombing Stories

Last week, several companies and schools prohibited the use of the app because of these security issues. While Zoom is trying to take active measures to prevent this, for many like Miller and the Rangers the damage is done. Here is one man’s upsetting story. Dennis Johnson was doing a web conference on his doctoral dissertation for a group of about 40 people when he was Zoombombed.

He said he was in the middle of presenting when someone started drawing male genitalia on the screen. At first, Johnson said, he was not sure what was happening. “I’m like, ‘Whoa!’ And then I freeze, and everyone who’s watching the screen freezes,” 


Similar to the Rangers digital team, he and others scrambled to remove the hacker but the damage was done. He said it hit him hard after the meeting was over.

“The moment they [told] me, ‘Congratulations, Dr. Dennis Johnson,’ and it’s all over and I leave the Zoom meeting, everything sets in,” he said. “I couldn’t even, like, communicate. I had to just walk out [of] my house. … I didn’t want to talk or see anybody.”


FBI Involved

The FBI is now involved in the investigation that was initiated Friday night by both the Rangers and the NHL.

Miller Has Yet to Comment

Miller (Michael Ainsworth/AP)

As of now, K’Andre Miller has not yet made a statement on what happened and he may not. Regardless, the outpouring of love and support continues. For any Rangers fans that were unaware what kind of player they are getting, a coach he played against made sure they would know.


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