McDonagh for Pacioretty rumor coming out of Montreal?

This morning, an article from French Canadian MSN Sports mentioned the possibility of a Ryan McDonagh to Montreal trade. The speculation comes from Montreal radio host, Martin McGuire. For the record, this past summer he tweeted that Alex Radulov re-signed with Montreal, only to be proven false when he signed with Dallas.

Everything With A Grain of Salt

On 96.9 FM CKOI, McGuire mentioned what we all know, that the Rangers are listening to offers on everyone. That’s when he mentioned Max Pacioretty may be of interest to the Rangers.

The Rangers and Max Pacioretty have been linked before. We wrote about it in late October when Darren Dreger said the Rangers “would move Heaven and Earth” to get Pacioretty.

Does that still hold true in February? Patches (his nickname) is Montreal’s leading scorer and captain. His 16 goals and 33 points in 53 games is nothing to jump for joy about. He is also 29 years old, but if the Canadiens are willing to give up a lot more, we shouldn’t dismiss this possibility outright.

What Would It Take?

Currently the Canadiens sit 27th in the standings, and could realistically fall all the way down to 29th out of 31 teams. What if the Canadiens, who are still embarrassed about trading McDonagh for Scott Gomez are willing to trade Patches and their 1st round pick too. With the Rangers rapidly falling in the standings, that would be 2 lottery chances to obtain the 1st overall pick in the draft, which is franchise defenseman, Rasmus Dahlin.

To be realistic, that seems like a lot for the Montreal to give up, unless the Rangers were willing to sweeten the pot with another roster player or prospect. Bottom line, this is the season of speculation, and this certainly should raise an eyebrow.

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