Mystery around severity of Mats Zuccarello injury leading to wild speculation

Mats Zuccarello(AP)

Mats Zuccarello(AP)

Mats Zuccarello is “out indefinitely” that is all we officially know. The Rangers haven’t even confirmed it is a concussion, listing it as an “upper body injury”. Initially, Alain Vigneault was asked if Zuccarello would be out for the series and replied, “I wouldn’t say that.”

UPDATE 5/8/15!!! Zuccarello’s manager says he’s on the mend!

So now we are at a point where due to lack of information from the team, and I believe it is their right to not say anything, rampant speculation has hit the internet. This is life in the modern era, where youtube videos break news sometimes before major media outlets.

Here’s what I’ve seen and heard out there, without naming those on the internet saying it.

“He has a fractured skull.”

“He can’t even say his name.”

“He’s having trouble with his motor skills.”

“His career may be over.”

Could they all be true? Maybe. Could they all be false? Likely. Could there be a shred of truth here? Sure there could be, but it is nothing but speculation.

Larry Brooks in his article wrote:

[su_quote cite=”NY POST” url=””]The Post has learned from several sources Zuccarello definitely will not be available for Round Two against the Capitals, which commences Thursday night at the Garden. Beyond that, Zuccarello’s availability for a hypothetical Eastern Conference final, and indeed, the Stanley Cup final itself, is in doubt. … It is unknown whether the 27-year-old Norwegian, who was hospitalized for at least one night over the weekend, suffered additional damage.[/su_quote]

Matter of fact, it was soon after this article was published that I started seeing rumors that Zuccarello fractured his skull. See how a lack of information causes some of the worst possible rumors to begin.

Alexander Bonsaksen (Fredrik Varfjell / NTB)

Zuccarello friend, Alexander Bonsaksen (Fredrik Varfjell / NTB)

This morning a Norwegian site posted comments by Alexander Bonsaksen a friend of Zuccarello who stated:

[su_quote cite=”Elin Flag Lien” url=”″]Now it’s just for him to relax. It is the normal procedure by concussion that rests and not look too much on TV and stuff like that. But it’s boring then. It’s not exactly classy lying on a couch or a bed much of the day, he says with a smile.[/su_quote]

When asked further about how Zuccarello was feeling he added this:

[su_quote cite=”Elin Flag Lien” url=”″]After it happened just said that he got a shot in the head, oga that he was a bit groggy afterwards. Nothing more. It is impossible to say how long he must wait, but I do not think he had a concussion before. In any case, none serious. So he could be back quickly, and it can take time. That’s how one does not know, but I’m crossing my fingers, says 27-year-old. [/su_quote]

At this point, these comments are the closest thing we have to inside news on Mats Zuccarello’s health. This is what I’m going with unless a source I trust says otherwise.

Bloggers who talk about “whispers” on the internet should also be more careful not to fuel the fire that is already out there. We aren’t talking about a game anymore, we are talking about the well being of a human being.

For now, all we should be be doing is praying for Zuccarello’s health to return, just so he can enjoy life. The game is secondary. Regarding any “inside info” on Zuccarello’s injury, wait for the team or a trusted source like Larry Brooks to give it to you.