Unbelievable! NHL fines Rangers’ Panarin for glove throw at Marchand

Brad Marchand barked at Artemi Panarin toward the end of the Rangers 5-2 victory over the Bruins.

According to multiple reports, Marchand taunted Panarin by stating no Russians like him and invoking Vladimir Putin.

For the uninitiated, Panarin was the victim of a political hit piece by his former KHL coach Andrei Nazarov, who is a big supporter of Putin. He made unfounded allegations that Panarin assaulted a young woman, which caused Panarin to take a leave of absence during last season.

NHL fines Panarin

Panarin Marchand
Panarin not happy with Marchand (ABC Screencap)

Well, the NHL in its infinite wisdom has opted to fine Panarin $5000 for throwing his glove at Marchand.

After the game, Marchand downplayed the incident. “We were just talking about what we had at Thanksgiving and he didn’t like what I ate,” he said with a laugh.

Ryan Strome, who was within earshot was not amused with Marchand’s taunts.

“I don’t want to comment, I don’t think it’s my place” Strome answered if Marchand went over the line. “Yeah, I guess we’ll see what happens.”

According to Larry Brooks the Rangers contacted the league about the comments.

It should also be noted that Marchand was wearing a microphone for the nationally televised game so ABC should have exactly what he said recorded.

No word if Marchand will face any discipline, but it doesn’t seem likely.

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